How a Jewish doctor duped the Nazis
The astonishing, untold story of the Buchenwald vaccine scam.
Sen. Walsh plagiarized War College thesis
A New York Times report says the senator took "at least a quarter" of his thesis from other sources.
Obama to issue order on drone privacy
The FAA has been criticized for not defining what kind of images, data drones can collect.
Cruz: Obama using FAA to hurt Israel
The Texas senator says the administration is aiming to harm Israel's tourism industry.
Battleground Ga.: Dems see 2014 flip
Both Michelle Nunn and Jason Carter are hoping to prevail in statewide races.
Borrowed time: Tale of a Walsh bill
His "Bring Jobs Home Act" is nearly identical in wording to what Debbie Stabenow wrote in 2012.
Rubio dives into gay marriage debate
He says he sees a "growing intolerance" against those who oppose same-sex marriage.
Hamas: Israel airport targeted
"It's targeted because it's used by the Israeli air forces," Hamas spokesperson Osama Hamdan says.
\'Mess around\' in Michigan primary?
The Democratic candidate for governor voted in the 2012 Republican presidential primary.
Bloomberg blitzes Wolf
He attacks Blitzer's "tone" discussing Israel.
House GOP offers border fix plan
Chief among their recommendations are changes to a 2008 anti-trafficking law.
Wild day for Obamacare in court
Two separate courts issue opposite rulings on a key provision of the Affordable Care Act.

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Fox News Politics

Democratic senator cites PTSD in apparent thesis plagiarism
A Montana senator who is running for re-election suggested Wednesday that medication he took for post-traumatic stress disorder after service in Iraq may have been responsible for apparently plagiarized passages in his thesis.
Judge rules Colorado same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional
A federal judge in Denver has declared Colorado's gay marriage ban unconstitutional, but he issued a temporary stay of the ruling until an appeals court hearing next month.
Boehner lauds doctor who saved lawmaker\'s baby
In a break from his chamber's often acrid political divisions, a choked-up House Speaker John Boehner prompted two bipartisan standing ovations on Wednesday when he praised the doctor who helped a congresswoman's infant survive a rare fetal condition.
Social Security spent $300M on \'IT boondoggle\'
Six years ago the Social Security Administration embarked on an aggressive plan to replace outdated computer systems overwhelmed by a growing flood of disability claims. Nearly $300 million later, the new system is nowhere near ready and agency officials are struggling to salvage a project racked by delays and mismanagement, according to an internal report commissioned by the agency.
Fox News Poll: 58 percent say Obama administration incompetent at managing gov\'t
Has the Obama administration competently and effectively managed the government?  A Fox News poll released Wednesday finds a majority of American voters says no -- including about a third of Democrats. 
Fox News Poll: Voters say Obama exceeded authority, but oppose impeachment
Despite believing Barack Obama has overstepped his authority as president, most voters reject calls to impeach him for that -- or for any other reason.
FEC chairman warns book publishers at risk of regulation at heated meeting
The Republican chairman of the Federal Election Commission warned Wednesday that his agency colleagues could try to regulate book publishers, during a heated session over a forthcoming book by GOP Rep. Paul Ryan.
Fox News Poll: Obama White House most transparent ever? Hardly!
Earlier this month the Obama administration repeated its claim that it is the most transparent administration in history.  Ever.  Period. 
Cruz charges flight ban tantamount to economic boycott of Israel
Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz charged Wednesday that the Obama administration's decision to temporarily suspend flights to Israel was tantamount to an economic boycott of Washington's closest Middle East ally.
Fox News Poll: Voters say Putin has upper hand in Ukraine
As the world scrambles to formulate a response to the shooting down of a commercial airliner --most likely by pro-Russian separatists -- American voters continue to oppose the United States taking action in Ukraine.

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Roll Call

Cruz Threatens to Delay State Department Nominees Over FAA\'s Israel Flight Ban
Sen. Ted Cruz announced late Wednesday that he would hold up State Department nominees over a moratorium on U.S. flight traffic to Tel Aviv.
Sessions: \'Colossal Error\' to Pass Immigration Spending Without Blocking \'Administrative Amnesty\'
Sen. Jeff Sessions says it would be "institutional surrender" for the House to advance an immigration spending bill without preventing President Barack Obama from expanding "administrative amnesty" for millions of additional unauthorized immigrants.
NASA Rocket Could Miss 2017 Test Flight Date, Report Says
One of NASA's major projects is building its heavy lift rocket, called the Space Launch System. It's scheduled for its first test flight in 2017, but the Government Accountability Office says the program risks not meeting that date.
Sanders Says Money Still Stalling VA Conference
A congressional fix for the veterans health care crisis remains stalled over the pricetag.
E-Rate Brought Classroom Internet Up by 80 Percent
The Federal Communications Commission's E-Rate program is formally known as the Universal Service Program for Schools and Libraries . It was created under the 1996 Telecommunications Act and is administered through the Universal Service Administrative Company, an independent, not-for-profit corporation.
John Walsh, Your Canned Response Is Ready
After intently studying the last project Sen. John Walsh turned in to the United States War College, New York Times reporter Jonathan Martin has uncovered what appears to be a heavily plagiarized final product.
Funding Shake-Up May Change Subsidies for Internet Access in Schools, Libraries
Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler's plan to shake up the E-Rate program of federal subsidies for Internet service in public schools and libraries has only partly been successful -- his FCC colleagues have agreed to make more money available for Wi-Fi, as Wheeler proposed in June, but only if the money isn't needed for basic Internet connections.
Making the Most of a Swing Through Charm City
What's a D.C.-based reporter to do when faced with ferreting out a worthwhile repast while on assignment in neighboring Baltimore? Solicit recommendations from Maryland's congressional delegation, of course.
Vote for Your Favorite Distractions Abound Capitol Quip
The five finalists for this week's caption contest are ready for your votes.
Art and Soul Toques Revere Shared Past, Anticipate Promising Futures
There'll be a changing of the culinary guard in the Art and Soul kitchen at the end of this month, as Wes Morton hands control of the thriving Hillside dining operation to incoming Executive Chef Doug Alexander.

Washington Post

Arizona inmate?s execution takes over 90 minutes
ARIZONA Inmate?s execution takes 90 minutes A condemned Arizona inmate gasped and snorted for more than 90 minutes during his execution Wednesday before he died, his lawyers said, in an episode sure to add to the scrutiny surrounding the death penalty in the United States. Read full article >>
House Republicans unveil plan to deal with border crisis
A House Republican plan to address to the influx of illegal immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border would cost considerably less than President Obama has requested but could get upended by the political forces that long have divided GOP lawmakers. Read full article >>
In the Loop: Rubio, eyeing the 2016 GOP nomination, coyly dances around Clinton?s age
Lest there be any doubt that Sen. Marco Rubio ≠ (R-Fla.) is training†for his presidential run (it?s a marathon, not a sprint), he teased a preview this week of a matchup against Hillary Clinton. And like the arguments of so many whippersnappers before him, his would pit the future against the past. Or, put another way, the young vs. the old. Read full article >>
Border crisis creates discomfort for state, local politicians over housing children
TUCSON ? A governor was moved to tears. A mayor fretted about disease and crime. A city councilman accused the federal government of keeping secrets. Around the country, in statehouses and mayor?s suites, in city council chambers and local police agencies, the challenge of housing tens of thousands of unaccompanied Central American migrant children is forcing an emotional, uncomfortable and politically treacherous conversation on policymakers at every level. In the weeks and months since large numbers of migrant children began showing up in the Rio Grande Valley, federal officials have turned to states as far north as New England and many places in between in the search for places to keep the children while the government figures out whether to unite them with family members in the United States or deport them. Read full article >>
Obama tax policies reduced inequality gap, new analysis shows
Today, the average after-tax income of a member of the top 1 percent of earners is $1.12 million. The average after-tax income of someone in the bottom 20 percent is $13,300. That means the average person at the top takes home 84 times the income that the average person in the bottom takes home. Read full article >>
Sarah Palin endorses Joe Carr against Sen. Lamar Alexander
Sarah Palin endorsed underdog state Rep. Joe Carr (R) against Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) Wednesday, lauding Carr's hard-line stance on immigration. "He?s stood up to those in his own party, fighting to enact some of the toughest illegal immigration legislation in the country and working to make Tennessee the 4th most business friendly state in the nation," Palin wrote in a statement on her Facebook page. Read full article >>
The Fix: Plagiarism is a pretty minor political crime. But it matters for Sen. John Walsh.
Sen. John Walsh (D-Mont.) probably isn't returning to Congress in 2015. That was true this morning, and it's even more true now that we know he apparently plagiarized a significant portion of his master's thesis less than a decade ago. Read full article >>
Will Russia Today take on Putin?s fight with the West?
Most of the Western media have been united in pointing the finger at Russia over the Malaysia Airlines plane disaster, with one notable exception. Russia Today, or RT as it has recently re-branded†themselves, has consistently offered an alternative take on where the blame might lie. It's not gone unnoticed, either; the Kremlin-funded television network is the second most watched foreign news service in the United States after†the BBC. The network includes a 24-hour news channel, a Web site and various programs. Read full article >>
?The slow deterioration of Barack Obama?
Being president is stressful. Especially in the second term, when the demands of being the leader of the free world catch up with you. President Obama acknowledged this at a fundraiser in Los Altos Hills, Calif., Wednesday, telling the crowd they could tell by his hair color what the past six years have been like. Read full article >>
Social conservatives urge Rep. David Jolly (R-Fla.) to apologize for backing gay marriage
Five dozen social conservatives in Florida sent a letter to Rep. David Jolly (R-Fla.) urging him to apologize for announcing support for same-sex marriage earlier this week. "We call upon you to publicly apologize for this mistake and hold fast to your original position that states should define marriage as it has always been, the union of one man and one woman only. We also challenge you to not cower to the pressure, demands and intimidation of homosexual activists," reads the letter, distributed by the Florida Family Policy Council, a conservative organization. Read full article >>

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New York Times Columnists (p)

Paul Ryan and His Poverty Prophet
Will a new conservative anti-poverty plan, however well-intended, just lead directly to the soup kitchen?
Did Dodd-Frank Work?
We really have no way of knowing whether “too big to fail” is still with us until we have another crisis.
The Suns of August
Bodies rot, looters roam. The Russian-enabled downing of Flight 17 marks the nadir of the West.
The Fiscal Fizzle
The deficit scolds are still going at it, even though the whole panic turned out to be a false alarm.
And Now for a Bit of Good News . . .
From taxi rides to overnight stays, the sharing economy is growing rapidly, and creating a village where your reputation is everything.
A Popular President
Bill ? not Barry or Hillary ? has the heat.
The Parent Trap
Hover over your children or the neighborhood busybodies and the police may step in.
The $300,000 Drug
Miracle cystic fibrosis treatment carries a heavy price.
Addicted to Inflation
The right is obsessed with the claim that runaway inflation is either happening or about to happen.
Germany Is Weltmeister
Germany is different. It does not believe in quick fixes. Its World Cup team and its society reflect that.

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The Atlantic

The Leader of the Unfree World
Mass incarceration, perhaps the greatest social crisis in modern American history, is without parallel on a global scale.
Can a Democrat Win in Georgia?
A victory might lock up control of the Senate for Democrats, but Republicans haven't lost a major race there in over a decade.
Marco Rubio vs. Hillary Clinton: Can They Both Lose?
There are good reasons to hope that neither presumptive presidential candidate emerges as a nominee.
California High-Speed Rail: 10 Readers With 10 Views
A solution looking for a problem? A genuine leap forward? The best we can expect from messy political half-measures? Or something truly brave? Take your pick.
Today\'s Court Decision Might Make Health Insurance Unaffordable in the Poorest States
Halbig v. Burwell threatens to undo the Obamacare subsidies that millions of people in more than half the country rely on to buy insurance.
Obama\'s Immigration Choices Will Define the Fate of Both Parties
Republican presidential contenders could face a difficult choice between infuriating primary voters and permanently alienating Hispanic voters.
The Original Tea Partiers: How GOP Insurgents Invented Progressivism
Wisconsin Senator Robert La Follette and his supporters pioneered long-shot primary challenges, strong ideology, and populist rhetoric a century ago.
When to Use Ethnic Slurs: A Guide
Is it ever acceptable to say "Chinamen"?
Why Anti-Obamacare Ads Actually Increased Obamacare Enrollment
Opponents of the Affordable Care Act outspent Obamacare's proponents 15-to-one, but they might have been funding their rivals' cause.†
Rand Paul\'s Jewish Outreach
Pro-Israel conservatives are skeptical of the senator's foreign-policy views. He might not be able to win them over, but he might be able to soften their opposition.

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ABC News Politics

GOP NY Governor Candidate Irked by Chris Christie Remarks on Viability
Expect it to be rocky in Aspen. Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino is planning on confronting New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie over comments he made earlier in the week about his campaign‚??s viability against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. On Monday while campaigning in Connecticut...
Bipartisan Agreement, at Least on Baseball and Hot Dogs
Lawmakers don't agree on much, but celebrate National Hot Dog Day.
Harding\'s Lust Might Gain Him Public Favor
Soon-to-be-revealed letters to allow historians a new look at Harding's legacy.
Soldiers Reunite with Dogs They Served With in Iraq and Afghanistan
They‚??re the four-legged veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan ‚?? military war dogs, doing everything from sniffing out explosive devices on the battlefield to providing companionship to soldiers during wartime. Three of these dogs traveled to Washington, D.C., Wednesday with the same service...
A Conservative Thriller? \'Persecuted\' Director Aims For Mainstream
The film is a low budget affair with some heavy political themes.

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Yahoo Politics

Exclusive: Obama sends team to Texas to assess need for National Guard deployment
U.S. President Barack Obama speaks before signing the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act at the White House in WashingtonBy Jeff Mason SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - President Barack Obama has sent a team to Texas to assess whether a U.S. National Guard deployment would help to handle an immigration crisis at the Mexican border, White House officials told Reuters on Wednesday, having so far resisted Republican calls for such a move. The team, made up of officials from the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security, departed on Tuesday and will be on the ground through Thursday. The White House had previously resisted calls from Republicans to deploy the National Guard to fight the onslaught of migrants from Central America because most of the unaccompanied minors and others making the crossing were turning themselves in voluntarily.
Republican Paul Ryan to renew U.S. poverty debate with grant plan
House Budget Committee Chairman Ryan talks to reporters as he walks on the U.S. Capitol building in WashingtonBy David Lawder WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republican Representative Paul Ryan will probably spark a new round of arguments over how to fight poverty in America on Thursday as he introduces a sweeping plan to replace long-standing social safety net programs with new block grants for states and communities. Ryan, his party's vice presidential candidate in 2012, is best known for his budget blueprints marked by deep domestic spending cuts. This time, the chairman of the House Budget Committee will unveil his plan to keep social safety net funding at the same levels but change the way it is used in a speech on Thursday to the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank in Washington.
U.S. Senate Democrats cut $1 billion from Obama border request
U.S. President Obama greets U.S. Vice President Biden before signing the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act at the White House in WashingtonBy Susan Cornwell WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Senate Democrats on Tuesday proposed cutting $1 billion from President Barack Obama's $3.7 billion emergency funding request to deal with a surge of some 57,000 undocumented Central American children across the southern border. Obama on July 8 asked lawmakers to approve $3.7 billion to bolster border security and speed deportation proceedings, but Congress has yet to take action on the request. At a luncheon on Tuesday, Senate Democrats discussed what their response should be. "Based on a review of what is needed...to meet needs at the border, the bill reduces the president?s request by $1 billion," said Senate Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Barbara Mikulski.
U.S. Republican lawmakers seek greater say on Iran nuclear deal
An Iranian flag flutters in front of the UN headquarters in ViennaBy Patricia Zengerle WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Republican lawmakers introduced legislation on Wednesday that would force President Barack Obama to submit quickly to Congress any comprehensive nuclear agreement with Iran and give lawmakers the chance to reject the deal and reimpose sanctions. The five senators introduced their bill just five days after Iran and six world powers announced they had failed to meet a deadline to end a decade-old dispute over Iran's nuclear program and agreed to extend an interim agreement for four months, including some further sanctions relief for Tehran. They also fear that Democratic President Obama will concede too much to Iran in order to claim a foreign policy victory. "Congress must weigh in on any final deal, ensure Iranian compliance is strictly enforced and provide a backstop to prevent a bad deal from occurring," said Senator Bob Corker, one of the bill's co-sponsors and the top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
Biden busts out the whiteboard to give lawmakers a history lesson
Ever wonder what it would be like to have Joe Biden as a history teacher? A new video posted to YouTube by the White House gives viewers a glimpse.
Why Supreme Court is likely to uphold Obamacare subsidies
One of the most respected and lauded Supreme Court experts says the court is likely to split 5-4 in favor of upholding subsidies approved by the Obama administration.
The Kochs\' nonprofit empire is building a network of libertarian hackers, coders and designers
Reboot HackathonThe Koch network is teaming up with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to connect coders with D.C politicos
CNN\'s Cuomo spars with \'Russia Today\' anchor on air over MH17 evidence
In a contentious live interview on CNN Wednesday, "New Day" anchor Chris Cuomo sparred with 'Russia Today' anchor Peter Lavelle over Russia's response to the downing of Flight MH17.
US tracked missile that brought down Malaysian Airlines Flight 17
A man walks amongst the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 after it crashed, near the town of Shaktarsk, in rebel-held east Ukraine, on July 17, 2014The United States detected the launch of the ?specific missile? that brought down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 last week, a senior administration official told reporters on Tuesday.
Kentucky City Battles High Gas Prices With Public Fuel Center
Kentucky City Battles High Gas Prices With Public Fuel CenterKentucky City Selling Gas Directly to Drivers, Bypassing Local Business

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The Hill

Brendan Buck throws elbows on K St.
Brendan Buck is turning up the heat in K Street?s biggest healthcare clash.†
Cruz warns House colleagues: Don?t let Democrats fool you
Sen. Ted Cruz is urging House Republicans to reject legislation addressing the border crisis.
GOP divided on border proposal
Some conservatives say it is Obama's responsibility to fix the border.†
Obama flat wrong on trafficking law, says Rep. Gutiťrrez
"The president's wrong," he said. Trafficking law shouldn't be changed.
Boehner: Obama flipped on trafficking law
Boehner said he was surprised Obama didn't call for changes to the law in his border request.
Dems reject border \'ultimatums\'
Rep. Becerra said Republicans were "making ultimatums," putting a deal out of reach.
GOP plans Guard troops to border
House Republicans focus on border protection and stopping people before they emigrate.
In final stretch, Roberts seems at home
He appears headed for a primary win despite a controversy over his residency.
Clash over campus cards
Regs to protect college students are raising objections in the financial industry.
Clinton sharpens her message
Presidential contender tries to fill gap left void in failed 2008 White House bid.

Real Clear Politics

Another Obamacare Wake-Up Call for Dems
Nather & Haberkorn, PoliticoMemo to Democrats: This is what happens when you pass a law where you can’t fix simple drafting errors.Within hours of each other, two federal courts reached exactly opposite conclusions Tuesday about whether the vague wording of Obamacare allows people to get subsidies through the federal health insurance exchange. One said, sorry, that’s not what the law says. The other said, sure, they can get the subsidies — the Obama administration has the power to do that.
Can a Democrat Win in Georgia?
Alex Roarty, National JournalMichelle Nunn's campaign has a lot going for it. She raises a lot of money, shares a last name with her ex-senator father, and benefits from an ugly and especially long primary fight among Republicans. But, ultimately, whether she can win Georgia's open-seat Senate race will depend on whether a Democrat—during a midterm election where the party is expected to suffer across-the-board losses—can break through in a Southern state where Republicans have enjoyed almost uninterrupted success for more than a decade.
Big Business: Lapdog of the Left
Jonah Goldberg, National ReviewIt was a really nice try.Heritage Action (the activist arm of the conservative Heritage Foundation) invited Senator Elizabeth Warren to speak at an event dedicated to phasing out the Export-Import Bank. The Ex-Im, as itÂ’s known inside the Beltway, has become a favorite target of populist forces on right.The Ex-Im gives U.S. taxpayer-backed loan guarantees to the foreign customers of giant U.S. corporations that donÂ’t need the help. It socializes the risk while privatizing the profits. Basically, itÂ’s free money for big businesses like GE, Caterpillar, and particularly Boeing (hence the...
Health Law Ruling Could Blow Up on Republicans
Brian Beutler, TNRThe case of Halbig v. Burwell (formerly Halbig v. Sebelius), in which plaintiffs are attempting to void Affordable Care Act subsidies in states that didn't set up their own healthcare exchanges, was and remains a fundamentally dishonest solicitation of right-wing judicial activism.
Halbig Didn\'t Gut Obamacare Over Drafting Error
Sean Davis, FederalistWords mean things.That was the message delivered by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals in yesterday’s Halbig opinion. At issue was whether Obamacare required federal health insurance subsidies to be limited only to plans purchased via a state-based health exchange. To date, only 14 states (plus Washington, DC) have established state exchanges; the federal government established and is operating the exchange used by residents of the other 36 states. In May of 2012, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued a rule stating that the subsidies would be available even if they would be applied...
Off and on the Record
Ruth Marcus, Washington PostWASHINGTON -- Let us now praise anonymous sources.The new White House press secretary got into a familiar old spat with the White House press corps the other day over the use of anonymous sources.Josh Earnest -- has there ever been a more perfectly named White House spokesman? -- was a bit off in his timing. He lit into The Washington Post -- and noted, more than once, that its reporters were absent from the briefing -- for its alleged overuse of unnamed sources.This critique came as the White House was emailing reporters about a background briefing that very afternoon. Featuring, yes,...
Credibility Gap Worsens IRS Scandal
Chris Stirewalt, FOX NewsThe emails at the IRS may or may not be lost. One thing that is lost for sure is much of the credibility of agency Commissioner John Koskinen, the man tapped by President Obama to restore confidence in the beleaguered IRS in the wake of the revelation that the tax agency targeted Obama’s political foes. Koskinen, who so haughtily and huffily refused to apologize and lectured lawmakers about his resume and qualifications, is going to get barbequed today. The third or fourth iteration of this email story has badly sapped his credibility as an outside reformer come to right the severely...
Gaza Under Israel\'s Onslaught
Mohammed Omer, New York TimesGAZA CITYRAMADAN, when night descends, is usually a joyous time. Friends and family gather to break their fast at the iftar meal. Not this year.
Obama to the Rescue--of Hamas
Caroline Glick, Jerusalem PostOperation Protective Edge is now two weeks old. Since the ground offensive began Thursday night, we have begun to get a better picture of just how dangerous Hamas has become in the nine years since Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip. And what we have learned is that the time has come to take care of this problem. It cannot be allowed to fester or grow anymore.We have known for years that tunnels were a central component of HamasÂ’s logistical infrastructure.What began as the primary means of smuggling weapons, trainers and other war material from HamasÂ’s sponsors abroad developed rapidly into...
The Supreme Court\'s Coming Paralysis
Jeff Greenfield, The Daily BeastWhy there’s really no chance President Obama will be able to appoint another Justice to the bench, regardless of what happens in November.It’s a question that’s roiled the liberal universe for years: Why won’t 81-year-old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg resign from the Supreme Court and give President Obama the chance to pick her successor, in case the Senate turns Republican after the mid-terms?

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CNN Politics

Immigrants or refugees? A difference loaded with political consequences
There is a very important degree of nuance and distinction in calling the surge of Central American children at the U.S. southern border with Mexico 'humanitarian crisis' while steering clear of deeming them "refugees."

\'Illeagles\': Typo or ill bird?
Does misspelled graffiti make protest less potent; or are there just sick birds in Maryland? The Ridiculist weighs in.

Not in my backyard: Immigrant kids aren\'t welcome
In places such as Murrieta, California, and Oracle, Arizona, the message is clear: The thousands of immigrant children fleeing Central America are unwelcome in Small Town U.S.A.

Is Holder playing racial politics?
Attorney General Eric Holder says he sees "racial animus" in strident Republican opposition to some Obama administration policies. Some media conservatives say he's playing racial politics.

Cheney: Any attempt to impeach Obama would be distraction
Although a fierce critic of Barack Obama, former Vice President Dick Cheney does not support calls from some on the far right of his party to impeach him, saying it would simply create a distraction.

Need any more proof that Congress is done legislating?
If it wasn't already clear that Congress is done legislating this year, the scene inside and outside the Capitol on Wednesday illustrated that the midterm elections are in full swing.

Boehner not optimistic about border bill action before recess
House Speaker John Boehner dampened prospects for emergency action by Congress addressing the immigration crisis on the southern border before lawmakers break for their August recess.

Washington hearing theater: IRS probe
Lawmakers scolded and shouted and lectured.

Warren, McCain: Rein in behemoth banks
Sens. Elizabeth Warren and John McCain want to scale back the "too big to fail" banks that put us at risk of another big crash.

Halftime: Tea party vs. GOP
Where do things stand in the ongoing battle between the GOP establishment and the tea party?


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Republican Paul Ryan to renew U.S. poverty debate with grant plan
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republican Representative Paul Ryan will probably spark a new round of arguments over how to fight poverty in America on Thursday as he introduces a sweeping plan to replace long-standing social safety net programs with new block grants for states and communities.

U.S. Republican lawmakers seek greater say on Iran nuclear deal
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Republican lawmakers introduced legislation on Wednesday that would force President Barack Obama to submit quickly to Congress any comprehensive nuclear agreement with Iran and give lawmakers the chance to reject the deal and reimpose sanctions.

Sarah Palin cited for speeding in Alaska
JUNEAU Alaska (Reuters) - Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the 2008 Republican nominee for vice president, was issued a speeding citation in her hometown of Wasilla, court records showed on Wednesday.

Democratic U.S. Senator from Montana may have lifted parts of thesis: report
(Reuters) - U.S. Senator John Walsh of Montana may have lifted at least a quarter of his master's thesis from works by other authors, the New York Times reported on Wednesday in an examination of the 14-page paper the Democrat submitted to obtain his degree in 2007.

Wisconsin governor race remains in a dead heat despite probe -poll
MILWAUKEE (Reuters) - Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who is seeking re-election in November, has not seen any significant drop in his support since the release of documents on a probe into possible illegal campaign financing, a poll showed on Wednesday.

U.S. Senate Democrats cut $1 billion from Obama border request
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Senate Democrats on Tuesday proposed cutting $1 billion from President Barack Obama's $3.7 billion emergency funding request to deal with a surge of some 57,000 undocumented Central American children across the southern border.

Exclusive: Obama sends team to Texas to assess need for National Guard deployment
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - President Barack Obama has sent a team to Texas to assess whether a U.S. National Guard deployment would help to handle an immigration crisis at the Mexican border, White House officials told Reuters on Wednesday, having so far resisted Republican calls for such a move.

U.S. Senate panel unanimously approves Veterans Affairs nominee
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Bob McDonald, President Barack Obama's choice to run the Veterans Affairs Department, looked set for an easy Senate confirmation after the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee unanimously approved his nomination on Wednesday.

U.S. swaps regulator O\'Malia to head bank lobby group
WASHINGTON/HONG KONG (Reuters) - A member of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission will become the new head of a bank lobby group that is fighting the derivatives regulator in court over a crucial new rule curtailing Wall Street.

Business executive wins Georgia Republican runoff in U.S. Senate race
ATLANTA (Reuters) - A former Fortune 500 executive who campaigned as a Washington outsider defeated an 11-term congressman on Tuesday in a key Republican runoff election in Georgia, setting the stage for November's race to fill an open Senate seat.


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New York Times Politics

Georgia Republicans Choose David Perdue as Their Senate Candidate
David Perdue?s victory over Jack Kingston, an 11-term Georgia congressman, with just under 51 percent of the vote, upset public polling predictions and conventional wisdom.
G.O.P. Plan on Migrants Calls for Less Cash Than Democrats and Obama Seek
With only days left until Congress begins its August recess, House Republicans and Senate Democrats are struggling to reach a compromise on the amount of funds to allot to the migrant crisis at the southern border.
National Briefing | South: Florida: Groups Seek to Delay Elections
A circuit judge is being asked to move this year?s election dates ? including postponing next month?s primary ? in order to draw up new congressional districts for the state.
White House Memo: For Obama, Protectiveness About Daughters Gives Way to Pride
When he became president, President Obama vowed to shield his daughters from the public and press. Now, he can?t stop talking about them.
Senator John Walsh Confronts Questions of Plagiarism
An examination of the final paper required for Senator John Walsh?s master?s degree from the United States Army War College indicates he appropriated at least one-quarter of his thesis on American Middle East policy from other authors? works.
Dole, Slumped but Sharp, Returns to Senate to Push Disabilities Treaty
Former Senator Bob Dole implored the Senate to act swiftly to ratify a treaty that would provide greater protections for disabled people all over the world.
The New Health Care: Two Americas on Health Care, and Danger of Further Division
The Affordable Care Act was designed to make health care more affordable and more uniform, but court rulings could deepen the disparities among states.
Midterm Calculus: Why Democrats Now Have a Shot in Georgia
Demographic change is shifting the state left, even if a Senate victory in November would be an upset.
Investigators Detail Missteps in Verification for Health Care
Undercover investigators said they were able to buy health insurance under the Affordable Care Act using false identities.
Crises Cascade and Converge, Testing Obama
Rarely has a president been confronted with so many seemingly disparate foreign policy crises at once, and the interlocking nature of them all is making the current upheaval more complicated.

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Christian Science Monitor

Nominee Robert McDonald: VA can be fixed with \'urgent action\' (+video)
Former Procter & Gamble CEO Robert McDonald says he aims to use his experience digitizing that company to help the embattled VA free up people to take better care of veterans.
Hamas\'s use of human shields is to blame for Gaza toll, Israeli envoy says (+video)
'When you turn a school into a weapons depot, that?s a war crime,' Ambassador Ron Dermer said at a Monitor breakfast with reporters, voicing dismay at criticism of Israel for the rising civilian death toll in Gaza.
Elizabeth Warren for president? Four reasons she won\'t run in 2016 (+video)
The buzz around Elizabeth Warren running in 2016 is rising ? or perhaps reaching a crescendo. But there are at least four reasons why the Senator from Massachusetts won't run for president.
Border kids protests build amid calls for troops on the border, even secession (+video)
Anti-migrant protests come as polls show the problem is No. 1 among national concerns, and as President Obama struggles to solve a humanitarian crisis while addressing border security concerns.
Child migrants: Does US have a moral obligation to them? (+video)
The child migrant crisis at the border is reviving questions about America's humanitarian obligation to vulnerable children. Some recall how the US failed to respond to Jewish refugees fleeing Hitler's Germany.
What are 2016 presidential contenders saying about Israel\'s ground invasion of Gaza?
Possible presidential candidates for the 2016 US presidential election offer their thoughts on Israel's military operation in the Palestinian coastal enclave.

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HuffPo Writes Off Walsh in Montana Over Plagiarism Charge

White House Sending Team to Study National Guard Deployment Helpfulness

Tea Party?s Joe Carr Looks to Ride Anti-Amnesty ?Wave? Past Lamar Alexander

Obama Fundraising Tour Causes Havoc in L.A. with Major Street Closures

Higher Immunization Rates, Less Whooping Cough Among California Latinos

The White House Itself Thinks DACA Played a Role in the Border Crisis

\'Saving Heroes\' Honors Humble, Deserving Patriots

Did Walsh Mislead the NYT\'s on PTSD Treatment Issue?

Return Of Jim Crow: Biden Gives Racially-Charged NAACP Speech

Texas National Guard: Deployment Not to Begin for 30-45 Days

Democrats Increasingly Concerned By Campaigner In Chief\'s #BearIsLoose Shtick

Arizona Gov: Feds Unsure of Identities of Illegal Immigrant \'Sponsors\'

Romney Omits Cruz, Perry, Rand from Presidential List

Sarah Palin Endorses Joe Carr for Senate Against Lamar Alexander

Jeff Sessions: Boehner Group\'s Border Plan an \'Institutional Surrender\' to Obama\'s \'Planned Illegality\'

Democrat Senator John Walsh of Montana Caught Up in Major Plagiarsm Scandal

Bloomberg: US ?Overreacting in Typical Bureaucratic Fashion? on Israel Travel

Israel: FAA Travel Ban Set to Expire as Negotiations, Fighting Continue

Bubonic Plague Hits China

Netanyahu Condemns \'Totally Unjustified\' FAA Flight Ban: \'A Huge Victory for Hamas\'



2014 Montana Senate - Daines 43%, Walsh 38% (Harstad 7/13-7/15)

2014 Wisconsin Governor - Burke 47%, Walker 46% (Marquette Law School 7/17-7/20)

Obama Job Approval - Disapprove 51%, Approve 42% (Gallup 7/20-7/22)

2016 Virginia Presidential GE - Clinton 44%, Christie 34% (Roanoke College 7/14-7/19)

US Right Direction Wrong Track - Wrong Track 59%, Right Direction 26% (YouGov/Economist 7/19-7/21)

Obama Job Approval - Disapprove 55%, Approve 42% (CNN/Opinion Research Corporation 7/18-7/20)

2014 Arizona Gubernatorial Republican Primary - Ducey 23%, Jones 21% (Harper Polling 7/16-7/17)

Obama Job Approval - Disapprove 51%, Approve 47% (Rasmussen Reports 7/20-7/22)

2014 Florida Governor - Crist 45%, Scott 40% (Quinnipiac University 7/17-7/21)

2014 Colorado Senate - Udall 44%, Gardner 43% (Public Policy Polling 7/17-7/20)

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Rasmussen Reports

26% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

36% Consumers Rate Finances Positively

Voters Favor Cutting U.S. Aid to Israel, Palestinians to Force Peace

Policing America by John Stossel

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

Americans View Poverty As A Bigger Trap Than Ever

Americans Don?t Want Feds in Their Shopping Carts

Obama Dragged Down by Chaos at Home and Abroad, not by the Economy by Michael Barone

Most Say Airliner Shootdown Won?t Scare Them Out of Flying

Voters See A More Divided Nation; GOPers More Enthusiastic to Vote


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Special Report with Bret Baier

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Convert or Die

Innocent civilians seek shelter from Israeli-Hamas violence

Special Heart Book Signing: Politics and Prose

Paul and Daniel Pose with Tennis Trophy

Lack of planning leads to another CDC hiccup

Hotel Transformed to House Illegal Immigrants

Talking Points Memo

And There\'s More

Arizona AG\'s Office Got Inmate\'s Name Wrong In Announcing His Execution

That\'s Horrific

Secret to Eternal Life?

Arizona Inmate Dies 2 Hours After Execution Began, Lawyers Say

Judge Strikes Down Colorado Gay Marriage Ban, Stays Ruling

Comics Store Owner Annoyed McDaniel Bus Took Up 5 Parking Spaces On \'Batman Day\'

Investigating the Zombie Phone Line Ecosystem

Ted Cruz Labels FAA Ban On Flights To Israel An \'Economic Boycott\'

Rula Jebreal Clarifies Departure From MSNBC: If I Wanted To Stay, I Would Have


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?Lucy?: The Eurotrash ?2001? ScarJo action sequel you?ve been waiting for

VIP boxes and seven-figure advances: How fiction gets the publishing industry laughably wrong

10 more strange facts about penises

Pinterest just hired the guy behind Axe?s notoriously sexist advertisements

Twitter releases diversity report, admits ?we have a lot of work to do?

Duran Duran is suing its fan club

Wearable technology that hurts you on purpose

Researchers: Our best shot for finding aliens is to look for their pollution

Robin Thicke is basically his creepy self in his first movie role

Greenwald?s the Intercept reveals how government creates no-fly list

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Mother Jones

For Lower Back Pain, You Can Skip the Tylenol

Twitter Releases Its Diversity Stats. And Boy, Are They Embarrassing.

The Great Third-Pound Burger Ripoff

Glenn Beck Tells Common Core Activists They Shouldn\'t Mention His Name

Chart of the Day: Oil Is Getting Harder and Harder to Find

Lots of Americans Think Obamacare Has Benefited Nobody

Nobody Knows What Makes a Good CEO

We\'re Still at War: Photo of the Day for July 23, 2014

That Antioxidant You\'re Taking Is Snake Oil

Contact: Gene Ween Grows Up


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Daily Kos

Detroit retirees vote to accept pension cuts rather than risking catastrophe

Women-owned businesses are common, but loans and funding for them aren\'t

Bob Dole still advocating for U.N. Convention on the Disabled: Will the Senate ratify it this time?

Health insurers look for new (and old) ways to make more money

Spotlight on green news & views: ALEC on farm laws, Michigan wind power and Colorado wind jobs

Cartoon: Affordable infrastructure improvements

Michele Bachmann announces she might run for president again

Meet Republican Jody Hice, the (likely) new craziest member of Congress

House, Senate develop dueling plans to deport refugee children

Respected Marquette Law School poll has Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in potential electoral peril

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Huffington Post

This Week in World War I, July 24-30, 1914

Hidden History Helped End \'Don\'t Ask, Don\'t Tell\'

Jan Brewer Orders Full Review Of Drawn-Out Execution

World Health Organization Calls For Decriminalizing Personal Drug Use

U.S. Passport, Visa Operations Glitch Could Delay Millions

Net Neutrality Debate Threatens 911 Emergency Services

Chalking Up Montana As A Democratic Loss

Mississippi Cuts $1.3 Billion From Schools, Gives $1.3 Billion to Nissan

Federal Judge Rules Colorado Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional, Orders Temporary Stay

Why \'Modern Family\' Star Eric Stonestreet Refused A Photo With Rick Santorum

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Activists greet President Obama in Silicon Valley urging action to save the Internet

ADVISORY: Activists to Hold ?Don?t Kill the Internet!? Net Neutrality Rally Outside Obama Fundraiser in Silicon Valley

Chicago MoveOn members want to see a progressive challenger to Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Join Our Campaign to Fight Back Against the Kochs

The Rush To War In Iraq...Again

MoveOn Members Endorse 9 Senate Candidates

MoveOn Members Endorse Al Franken for Senate

MoveOn Members Endorse Gary Peters for Senate

MoveOn Members Endorse Rick Weiland for Senate

MoveOn Members Endorse Mark Udall

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Weekly Standard

Where?s Europe?

Podcast: Odds Good for GOP Takeover of Senate

Montana Senator John Walsh Plagiarized Thesis

Where Was Bruce Braley?

Marquette University Poll: Scott Walker 46%, Mary Burke 47%


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The Blaze

News Helicopter Captures the Incredible Moment a Veteran Deputy Draws on Armed Carjacking Suspect From Moving Motorcycle Like a Pro

?Mind Blowing?: In Just 30 Seconds, You?ll Understand Why This ?Crazy Circle Illusion? Has Received Over 1.3 Million Views This Week

Police: Alcohol-Drinking Dad Arrested After Dunking 2-Month-Old Son in Reservoir While Videotaping Friends Cheer

Federal Judge Rules Colorado Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional, Issues Temporary Stay

Arizona Inmate Was ?Alive? and ?Gasping? for Air More Than One Hour Into Execution, His Lawyers Say

?No One Likes Plagiarism?: Scholars React to Accusations Democratic U.S. Senator ?Lifted? Their Work for Thesis

?Jews Into the Sea!?: European Jews Plagued by Death Threats, Jew-Bans and Violence From Pro-Palestinian Protesters

Listen to the Responses MRCTV?s Dan Joseph Gets From Anti-Israel Protesters When He Asks If Hamas Is a Terrorist Group: ?Wow!?

Michael Bloomberg Snaps at CNN?s Wolf Blitzer Over ?Insulting? Israel Question: ?It?s an Outrage?

Here?s a Reminder of Why Stopping to Help Ducklings Is Not Always a Great Idea

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Apple?s iPad Problem

Should Clothing Ever Be Optional?

Dear Prudence Live Chat

Putin Isn?t Panicking

America?s Flight 17

Unforced Errors

What Should a Gentleman Tip a Racist Cabdriver?

Watch the Political Gabfest Taping

Why the Halbig Decision Is Nothing for Republicans to Celebrate

Baby?s Body Image


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Media Matters

O\'Reilly: Extending Affordable Health Insurance To 40 Million Americans Is "Harmful" Income Redistribution

WSJ Buys Into Right-Wing Rhetoric And Decides "Affordable Care Act" Really Means No Tax Credits For Working Americans

Glenn Beck & Co. Encourage People To Boycott Common Core Tests At Live Movie Event

Fox\'s Erickson Agrees That "The Homosexual Movement Is ... Destroying America"

Fox & Friends : Michael Sam Will Be Just As Distracting As Michael Vick

Fox News Pushes "Mistress" Gossip With Anti-Clinton Author Interviews

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