Dťjŗ vu for Obama in Syria
The President is once again held back by his own visceral resistance to unilateral military action.
A Whopper of a tax problem
The fast food chain's purchase of Canada's Tim Horton's will let it drastically cut its tax rate.
How Reid holds veto power over Obama
The results haven't always been pretty, but the majority leader found a way.
Boehner, donors huddle in Jackson Hole
The speaker spends time urging the well-heeled crowd to fill Republican coffers.
Ariz. House race too close to call
Andy Tobin and Gary Kiehne remain neck and neck in the Republican primary.
Air rage: \'Knee defender\' gets boot
With air travel becoming ever more annoying, anger over legroom is causing conflict on board.
Hagan hits, then embraces Obama
She's trying to strike a balance in a state where Obama's popular, but drags her down elsewhere.
Fla. Dems nominate Charlie Crist
Only four years ago he was a governor who had run for office as a rock-ribbed conservative.
Joe Biden\'s secret fundraisers
The vice president is attending closed-door fundraisers you probably won't find on his schedule.
Plouffe at Uber: Tough start
Beyond the recruiting scandal, he will also have to manage messaging with regulators.
Hunter on ISIL: Guys in pajamas
The California Republican says the terrorist group is not much of a threat to the U.S.
The next big thing in campaigns
Digital spending still lags behind TV, but it's creeping closer to cable and radio budgets.

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Fox News Politics

Louisiana Gov. Jindal to reportedly sue federal government over Common Core
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal reportedly will file a lawsuit against the Obama administration in federal court Wednesday, claiming that the Department of Education has illegally manipulated grant money and regulations to force states to adopt the controversial Common Core standards.
Missouri Senator says police departments should mandate body cameras for officers before receiving federal funds
Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., has said that police departments across America should require officers to wear body cameras before they can receive federal funds. 
Obama?s Third Term? The historical urge that could hurt Hillary
The country has shown a natural tendency to rotate the presidency between the parties, at least for the last 60 years.
US reportedly recruiting allies to support expanded airstrikes, Syrian opposition
The Obama administration is pressing U.S. allies to increase their support for moderate rebel groups in Syria, as well as possible military operations, according to a published report.
Coast Guard boat fires on Iran-flagged vessel in Persian Gulf, officials say
A small U.S. Coast Guard boat fired a single shot toward an armed Iranian-flagged ship in the Persian Gulf during a brief encounter on Tuesday, a potentially provocative incident in a volatile area.
IRS lawyer: Lois Lerner\'s Blackberry deliberately destroyed after start of congressional probe
Lois Lerner?s Blackberry was intentionally destroyed after Congress had begun its probe into IRS targeting of conservative groups, a senior IRS lawyer acknowledged in a sworn declaration.
McSally pilots easy Arizona GOP primary win to face Democratic Rep. Barber in rematch
Martha McSally, one of  the GOP's most touted 2014 candidates, easily defeated her primary challengers Tuesday in her bid to win an Arizona congressional seat.
Crist wins Fla. Democratic gubernatorial primary, now faces GOP incumbent Scott
Charlie Crist won Florida?s Democratic gubernatorial primary Tuesday, setting up a highly anticipated November contest with incumbent GOP Gov. Rick Scott.
Arizona Treasurer Doug Ducey wins GOP gubernatorial primary
Arizona Treasurer Doug Ducey emerged from a field of six Republicans to win the party's gubernatorial primary and advance to the November race for the seat of retiring GOP Gov. Jan Brewer.
Businessman wins Vermont Republican primary to take on Dem Gov. Shumlin
The establishment-favored Milne beat out two other candidates with over 80 percent of the vote. 

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Roll Call

And the Winner of the GOP\'s Civil War Primary Is. . .Part II
Three and a half months ago, I wrote about the state of the fight between the Republican establishment's pragmatic conservative candidates and tea party/libertarian/anti-establishment conservatives.
Roll Call After Dark Nosh of the Week: Tastease Midi Doughnuts
HARTFORD, Conn. -- There is more to the Nutmeg State's capital city than the insurance industry, homes that Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe used to live in and heartbroken Whalers fans. There are doughnuts.
Top 4 Races to Watch in the Mountain Region
There are a lot of wide open spaces in the Rocky Mountain West -- but few competitive races.
Arizona Primary Results: 1st District GOP Primary Too Close to Call
The GOP primary remained too close to call Wednesday morning in the race to challenge vulnerable Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, a Democrat, in Arizona's 1st District.
Once-Vulnerable Freshman on Safer Ground in Illinois
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. -- Freshman Rep. Rodney Davis entered the midterms as one of the most vulnerable Republicans on the map.
Oklahoma Runoff Results: 5th Congressional District
Former state Sen. Steve Russell easily defeated State Corporations Commissioner Patrice Douglas in Tuesday's GOP runoff, and now he is on a clear course to join Congress this fall representing Oklahoma's 5th District.
Florida Primary Results: Republicans Pick Nominee in Targeted House Races
Miami Dade School Board Member Carlos Curbelo won the Republican nomination and will face Democratic Rep. Joe Garcia in the fall in Florida's 26th District,
McConnell Wants Details From Obama on Plans for ISIS
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wants President Barack Obama to present Congress with a plan to fight the Islamic State, including any potential needs for a new authorization for use of military force.
Penultimate Primary Night: Live Coverage of Congressional Races
The penultimate primary night of the 2014 midterm elections season is upon us Tuesday as the Roll Call Politics Team tracks results in Arizona, Oklahoma and Florida.
Larson: Congress Should End Vacation, Get to Work on ISIS
With the White House weighing more air strikes against jihadists in northern Iraq and possibly Syria, Rep. John B. Larson said Congress needs to cancel its August recess and get back to work in Washington.

Washington Post

Pivotal Republican primary for U.S. House in Arizona too close to call
The Republican primary in Arizona's 1st congressional district was still too close to call Wednesday morning. That should make Republicans nervous. State House Speaker Andy Tobin was clinging to a 291-vote lead over rancher Gary Kiehne, according to results compiled by the Associated Press. State Rep. Adam Kwasman was on pace to finish third. The totals come from 325 out of the 327 precincts in the district, according to the AP's tally. Read full article >>
GovBeat: Washington?s legal marijuana law is actually two experiments in one
Colorado†might†have†been the first state to implement a†recreational marijuana law, but Washington?s version may be the more-radical reform. As it establishes a new regulatory system for legal pot, Washington is also simultaneously setting up a system by which to measure it. In doing so, the state created†two experiments, writes Philip Wallach, a Brookings Institution fellow in governance studies: One is in drug policy; the†other†is in how to measure its impact. Read full article >>
The Fix: People hate the state of politics today. So why is nobody talking about campaign finance reform?
After more than a year of campaigning, New Hampshire Senate candidate Jim Rubens (R)†has decided on his closing message:†the "disconnect between voters in New Hampshire and politicians in Washington, D.C." He was campaigning in Groveton, a small town of about 1,000 near the Canadian border, when he walked into a diner (as all candidates in New Hampshire inevitably do). Read full article >>
READ IN: Wednesday, August 27, 2014: Admin working on broad climate agreement, ballot initiatives will cost $1 billion-plus this year, Ducey, Crist win GOV primaries, Jindal sues over Common Core
Do you Read In? Sign up today and get all the political news you need delivered right to your inbox! A1: The stories you need to read before your first conference call. -- The Obama administration has ruled out the possibility of coordinating U.S. airstrikes with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces, though the White House said President Obama had made no decision on whether to conduct the airstrikes. (Washington Post) But Obama is nearing a decision to aid Turkmen minorities in the town of Amerli, which is under siege by ISIS militants. The U.S. is pushing Australia, Britain, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the UAE to increase support for moderate rebels in Syria. (New York Times) Read full article >>
What?s driving Marco Rubio?s big shift in tone
Here comes the new, sterner, snarkier Marco Rubio. Back in 2012, Rubio showed nothing but empathy for activists who interrupted his speech at a Miami Hispanic leadership event. The Florida senator and potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate kicked into full I-feel-your-pain mode when two young activists waved signs that said, ?Latino or Tea-Partino?? and shouted ?Why don?t you support undocumented immigrants?? Rubio tried to calm the crowd, talking louder and louder as some members of the audience booed the activists. He pleaded with security officials as the young men were being removed from the hall. Read full article >>
Why that one Democratic Obamacare ad didn?t signal a new trend
When Sen. Mark Pryor of Arkansas went up with a television ad last week alluding to some benefits of Obamacare, partisans on both the left and the right saw the spot as a sign†that vulnerable Democrats might finally be embracing the polarizing health-care overhaul in their campaigns. Read full article >>
The Fix: Americans strongly opposed airstrikes in Syria last time. Why would it be different now?
One year ago this week, President Obama came to the American people and Congress to ask them for their permission -- permission to launch airstrikes against the Syrian government. Despite Bashar al-Assad's regime using chemical weapons on its own people, though, Congress and the American people both balked. Only about two dozen members of each chamber signaled their approval, and many, many more signaled their opposition. Eventually, though, it was moot, as Assad agreed to turn over†his chemical weapons cache. The airstrikes were effectively dropped as an issue. Read full article >>
GovBeat: Ballot initiatives become pricey playgrounds of parties and corporations
PUEBLO, Colo. ? In a midterm election season when control of the United States Senate hangs in the balance, Democrats are increasingly turning to ballot measures to get otherwise reluctant voters to the polls. Read full article >>
Federal Eye: Labor Department PR chief: Wasteful spender or promoting mission?
The House?s top Republican watchdog†this week ordered the Labor Department to provide records on ?mismanagement and wasteful spending practices? in the Office of Public Affairs, whose director has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote the agency and, critics say, himself. Read full article >>
Doug Ducey wins Republican primary for governor in Arizona
Arizona Treasurer Doug Ducey won the Republican nomination to succeed outgoing Gov. Jan Brewer (R) Tuesday, advancing in the state's first open governor's race in 12 years. With about a third of the vote tallied, Ducey led former Mesa mayor Scott Smith 37 percent to 23 percent. Former GoDaddy executive Christine Jones was third while three other candidates lagged behind. Read full article >>

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New York Times Columnists (p)

He Has a Dream
President Obama, who once boldly and candidly addressed race, has outsourced the issue to the Rev. Al Sharpton.
The Making of a Disaster
A long list of American missteps paved the way to ISIS.
Lost in America
We?ve gone from gumption to gloom, with political implications that are impossible to foretell.
Wrong Way Nation
The Sunbelt may be growing in population, but it?s not because of pro-business and pro-wealthy policies and higher wages.
A Funeral in Ferguson
Nobody should know what it feels like to bury a child as the whole world watches. But that is what Michael Brown?s parents must do.
Order vs. Disorder, Part 3
The inequality of freedom is causing instability and chaos as it expands around the world.
Black, White and Baseball
The man who coached Mo?ne Davis sees the promise of inner-city kids.
The Golf Address
From the great battlefield of Farm Neck Golf Club in Martha?s Vineyard, a few words of national import.
Our Thoroughly Modern Enemies
Why radical Islam isn?t just a medieval throwback.
Lessons Not Learned
The S.&L. crisis could have helped us avoid the financial crisis.

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The Atlantic

Democrats Are (Slowly) Learning to Love Obamacare
Vulnerable incumbents like Mark Pryor and Kay Hagan are backing into talking about the law.
This Man Has Nothing to Hide?Not Even His Email Password
If Noah Dyer has his way, everyone else will be stripped of any rights to privacy too.
I Am an Undocumented Immigrant
"When people look at me on the street, I look like a typical young American."†
Michael Brown\'s Unremarkable Humanity
On Monday,†The New York Times†published a profile of the dead St. Louis teenager, calling him "no angel"?part of a dubious language of "morality" about black men.
Who Watches America\'s Executions?
A lawsuit seeks to force Oklahoma to record every death sentence it carries out and to allow witnesses present to observe.
California High-Speed Rail?More Questions and Concerns
"Bad, bad, bad," and other critiques
Inside the Democrats\' Plan to Save Arkansas?and the Senate
The party's desperate bid to hang onto the majority rests on an unprecedented political organizing effort in red states like this one.
Bush and Obama Spurred Edward Snowden to Spill U.S. Secrets
The whistleblower started out as an idealistic booster of the national-security state. Illegal and immoral behavior he witnessed on the inside turned him into an outsider.†
Maine Governorship Watch: Let\'s Hear From the Democrats
The Michaud campaign asks for and gets equal time.
Self-Segregation: Why It\'s So Hard for Whites to Understand Ferguson
One reason for the racial divide over Michael Brown's death is that†white Americans tend to talk mostly to other white people.

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ABC News Politics

Delays Didn\'t Necessarily Cause Deaths, VA Report Finds
When it was revealed in April that Veterans Affairs officials had maintained secret wait lists and covered up wait times for veterans seeking health care, the deaths of at least 40 such veterans stoked national outrage. But those long wait times and cover-ups didn‚??t cause the deaths, according to report released today by the VA‚??s inspector general.
Obama Approves ISIS Surveillance Flights Over Syria
President Obama has approved U.S military surveillance flights over Syria to track the Islamic militant group ISIS, a group that American warplanes have been attacking in neighboring Iraq, ABC News has confirmed.
12 Races to Watch in Arizona, Florida, Vermont, and Oklahoma
Residents in four states are voting today.
The Note: Obama Mulls Options for Airstrikes Over Syria
By JOHN R. PARKINSON (@jparkABC) NOTABLES OBAMA APPROVES ISIS SURVEILLANCE FLIGHTS OVER SYRIA: President Obama has approved U.S military surveillance flights over Syria to track the Islamic militant group ISIS, a group that American warplanes have been attacking in neighboring Iraq, ABC News has confirmed. The...
The Note: Foley Video on the Campaign Trail
By CHRIS GOOD (@c_good) NOTABLES SENATE CAMPAIGN USES PHOTO OF JAMES FOLEY‚??S EXECUTIONER. In a video posted to his campaign‚??s YouTube account Monday, New Mexico Senate candidate Allen Weh uses a brief still image of American journalist James Foley‚??s executioner. The image of Foley‚??s executioner,...

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Yahoo Politics

Arizona treasurer claims victory in Republican primary for governor
Ducey smiles after voting in Paradise Valley, PhoenixBy David Schwartz PHOENIX (Reuters) - Arizona state treasurer and businessman Doug Ducey claimed victory on Tuesday in the race to be the Republican nominee to replace outgoing Governor Jan Brewer, who has clashed repeatedly with the White House over illegal immigration. With border security issues high on the political agenda, Ducey held a convincing lead of 37 percent in the six-way race after most of the ballots had been counted. His closest rival, ex-mayor Scott Smith, took some 22 percent of the vote. Christine Jones, 46, a former internet hosting company executive, finished third.
Crist wins Florida Democratic primary in governor\'s race
Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist waves after meeting supporters outside the North Miami Public Library in MiamiBy Letitia Stein TAMPA Fla. (Reuters) - Charlie Crist won the Democratic nomination for Florida governor on Tuesday, defeating his primary challenger with almost 75 percent of the vote and setting the stage for a nationally watched governor's race. Republican Governor Rick Scott easily cruised toward victory with more than 87 percent of the vote over two little-known primary opponents. Primary vote results provide an initial gauge of Democratic enthusiasm for Crist, who governed Florida as a Republican from 2007 to 2011 and now wants the job back under a different party label. Crist largely ignored a primary challenge from Nan Rich, a former state legislator from south Florida who in conceding called on her supporters to help vote out Scott.
California Senate approves measure banning warrantless drone surveillance
Camera drone flown by Wilson flies near the scene where two buildings were destroyed in an explosion, in the East Harlem section in New York CityBy AARON MENDELSON SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The California State Senate passed legislation on Tuesday imposing strict regulations on how law enforcement and other government agencies can use drones, a move supporters said will protect privacy and prevent warrantless surveillance. The bill attracted bipartisan support in the Senate, passing 25-8 during the evening vote in Sacramento. The legislation would require law enforcement agencies to obtain a warrant before using an unmanned aircraft, or drone, except in emergencies such as a fire or a hostage-taking. Other public agencies would be able to use drones, or contract for their use, to achieve their "core mission," so long as that mission is not to gather criminal intelligence.
Mexican president thanks California for aiding undocumented migrants
Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto speaks after the signing of agreements at the second day of the 2014 Alianza del Pacifico (Pacific Alliance) political summit in Punta MitaBy Sharon Bernstein SACRAMENTO Calif. (Reuters) - Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto thanked California on Thursday for improving the lives of immigrants from his country, including legalizing drivers' licenses for undocumented migrants and making it easier for them to work and start businesses. Pena Nieto, on his first trip to the United States since becoming president in 2012, addressed a joint session of the California legislature, detailing economic and electoral reforms enacted back home and emphasizing his country's social and economic ties to the state. "I want to thank you for what you have done for migrants, especially the ones from Mexico," Pena Nieto said. "It's no coincidence that my first visit to the United States is in California." Pena Nieto's visit was the latest in a series of exchanges with Mexico that included a trip to that country last month by California Governor Jerry Brown, a Democrat, and a visit to Sacramento by Mexico's foreign minister, Jose Antonio Meade.
Family \'devastated\' by reports of American Douglas McAuthur McCain killed fighting with ISIL
Facebook photo of Douglas McAuthur McCain - alleged american killed while fighting for ISIS in Syria. (via Facebook)Distraught family members of American Douglas McAuthur McCain, killed in Syria after allegedly joining forces with a militant group, spoke to news outlets and posted on social media to express shock.
Obama likely to hit ISIL in Syria without Congress?s formal OK
This undated file image posted on a militant website on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014, which has been verified and is consistent with other AP reporting, shows fighters from the al-Qaida linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) marching in Raqqa, Syria. Across the broad swath of territory it controls from northern Syria through northern and western Iraq, the extremist group known as the Islamic State has proven to be highly organized governors. (AP Photo/Militant Website, File)What do Syrian President Bashar Assad and the U.S. Congress have in common? President Obama is unlikely to ask either for a formal green light to expand the American air war against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) from Iraq into Syria.
In personal plea, top Hamas leader calls on Obama to stop \'holocaust\' in Gaza
The political chief of Hamas has called on President Barack Obama to intervene with the Israeli government to "lift the siege" of Gaza and push for a cease-fire in the conflict to stop a "holocaust" against the Palestinians.
Hamas leader: Don\'t compare us to ISIL
As much of the world expressed revulsion over the beheading of American journalist James Foley by an ISIL executioner, Hamas political chief Khaled Meshaal took pains to disassociate his organization from the Islamist militant group that has conducted a murderous rampage across a large swath of Syria and Iraq.
Pakistan\'s massive anti-government protests stay peaceful, for the moment
Pakistani children and female protesters sleep in front of the parliament building, during weeklong protests from the eastern city of Lahore to the gates of parliament calling for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's ouster over alleged voting fraud, in Islamabad, Pakistan, Friday, Aug. 22, 2014. They swarmed into the capital in their thousands, protesters calling for the prime minister's resignation and the dissolution of parliament. The week-long protests in the capital and around the parliament building have been loud and boisterous but peaceful. But despite their color, there is the other side to the demonstrations _ the increased demand for food, water and toilets to accommodate the thousands of people who turned out to support cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan and popular cleric Tahir-ul-Qadri. (AP Photo/Muhammed Muheisen)Huge anti-government demonstrations in Pakistan entered their second week with thousands of protesters surrounding and blockading ? peacefully, so far ? the parliament building in Islamabad. Two groups of protesters from different opposition parties converged on the capital on Aug. 15, demanding the resignations of Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif and his brother, Mian Shahbaz Sharif, the chief minister of the Punjab state.
Obama Approves ISIS Surveillance Flights Over Syria
Obama Approves ISIS Surveillance Flights Over SyriaObama Says Rooting Out ISIS Won't Be Quick

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The Hill

GOP Senate candidates mum on birth control mandate change
The Obama administration's change is panned by religious right but candidates are silent.
Senate Dems frustrated by colleague\'s push for ISIS vote
Sen. Tim Kaine wants President Obama to seek Congressional approval for airstrikes.
Obama pressed to expand deportation program for millions
President Obama is facing heavy pressure from both sides of the immigration fight.
Lawmakers headed to Central America to address border crisis
A bipartisan group will visit three countries over the Labor Day weekend.
Obama not running away from vulnerable Senate Democrats
Obama's visits to some states aren't comfortable for all Democrats.
Obama on ISIS: \'America does not forget\'
The president vows "justice will be done" but offers no clarity on possible Syria airstrikes.
Boehner\'s photobombing monkey
The August recess is giving Speaker John Boehner a chance to monkey around a bit.
Sanders weighs Clinton challenge
Sanders plans to travel to two crucial presidential battleground states next month.
For Obama, program to lift up young black men takes center stage
President Obama has put My Brother?s Keeper at the center of his Ferguson response.
WH: Checked-out Obama is a media myth
Obama has been criticized as out of touch by critics and supporters.

Real Clear Politics

Obama\'s Back-to-Work Challenge
David Ignatius, Washington PostWASHINGTON -- It's "back to school" week for President Obama, after what a CNN analyst called "the vacation from Hell." So perhaps it's a good time to examine what's been going wrong for Obama recently and whether he can fix it.The common complaint of late is that Obama is "disengaged." This has always been somewhat of an issue, given his reticent public style, but the criticism intensified during his Martha's Vineyard holiday. It's an odd critique: Obama works at least as diligently as George W. Bush did during his frequent trips to Texas. Even during this golf-besotted vacation, Obama...
President\'s Killer Rabbit Moment Approaches
John Kass, Chicago Tribune
How Dems Can Hold Senate Majority
Caitlin Huey-Burns, RealClearPoliticsThe first in a two-part series.The summer has been a difficult one for Democrats hoping to hold on to their majority in the U.S. Senate this fall.Their incumbent in Montana exited the midterms after being tarnished by a serious plagiarism incident. A race in Iowa that wasnÂ’t supposed to be a battleground has tightened as their candidateÂ’s stumbles have attracted national attention. Colorado, where Democrats have been on a winning streak over the past several years, is now hosting one of the most competitive contests in the country.Meanwhile, establishment Republicans got their favored pick at...
Between the World and Ferguson
Jelani Cobb, The New Yorker
Why Are We Listening to Sharpton & Jackson?
Ron Christie, Daily Beast
He Has a Dream
Maureen Dowd, New York Times
Will Destroying Evidence Work for the IRS?
Seth Mandel, Commentary
Burger King Backlash Could Hurt the GOP
Danny Vinik, New Republic
The Left\'s Ridiculous Burger King Freakout
David Harsanyi, Federalist
The Making of a Disaster
Roger Cohen, New York Times

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CNN Politics

A confident Rick Perry hits the road after indictment
Texas Gov. Rick Perry is scheduled to be in court on Friday, but he won't be there. Instead, he'll be testing the waters for a possible presidential run.

The Obama Doctrine: Inarticulate or disengaged?
The Obama Doctrine sounds like advice offered by parents to teenagers on prom night: Don't do stupid stuff.

Hillary Clinton\'s unpaid warriors
Taj Magruder, a 23-year-old "Clinton-ologist," devotes much of his online life to supporting, defending and responding to her every move.

Cheney: Any attempt to impeach Obama would be distraction
Although a fierce critic of Barack Obama, former Vice President Dick Cheney does not support calls from some on the far right of his party to impeach him, saying it would simply create a distraction.

Republicans ignoring their own advice on immigration
Republicans already are steaming about President Barack Obama's expected executive action to potentially allow millions of undocumented workers to remain in the country.

Landrieu to reimburse Senate for charter flight
Sen. Mary Landrieu will reimburse the Senate more than $5,700 for a charter flight she paid for with taxpayer money after CNN questioned the expense.

House passes border bill that has nowhere to go
House Republicans on Friday pushed through a $694 million measure to deal with the influx of migrant children to the southern border. But the bill will go nowhere ? the Senate won't take it up and the President has already threatened to veto it.

Boehner, Cruz & \'governing by stunt\'
The House border bill moves and why Obama & the GOP like Mars & Venus.

Congress approves more money for Israel\'s Iron Dome
Divided on other issues, U.S. lawmakers united in support of Israel on Friday with the Senate approving another $225 million for the Iron Dome missile defense system.

Halftime: Tea party vs. GOP
Where do things stand in the ongoing battle between the GOP establishment and the tea party?


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Arizona treasurer claims victory in Republican primary for governor
PHOENIX (Reuters) - Arizona state treasurer and businessman Doug Ducey claimed victory on Tuesday in the race to be the Republican nominee to replace outgoing Governor Jan Brewer, who has clashed repeatedly with the White House over illegal immigration.

California Senate approves measure banning warrantless drone surveillance
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The California State Senate passed legislation on Tuesday imposing strict regulations on how law enforcement and other government agencies can use drones, a move supporters said will protect privacy and prevent warrantless surveillance.

Crist wins Florida Democratic primary in governor\'s race
TAMPA Fla. (Reuters) - Charlie Crist won the Democratic nomination for Florida governor on Tuesday, defeating his primary challenger with almost 75 percent of the vote and setting the stage for a nationally watched governor's race.

Mexican president thanks California for aiding undocumented migrants
SACRAMENTO Calif. (Reuters) - Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto thanked California on Thursday for improving the lives of immigrants from his country, including legalizing drivers' licenses for undocumented migrants and making it easier for them to work and start businesses.

Ex-Virginia governor spars with prosecutor in corruption trial
RICHMOND Va. (Reuters) - Former Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell said on Tuesday a federal prosecutor was "completely off base" to suggest that he had provided help to a dietary supplement businessman in exchange for loans.

Colorado governor defends death sentence comment as \'hypothetical\'
DENVER (Reuters) - Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper said on Tuesday that he was responding to a hypothetical question when he raised the possibility of granting clemency to the state's longest-serving death row inmate should he lose his re-election bid in November.

No deaths linked to troubled U.S. veterans hospital
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A probe into long waits for medical treatment at Veterans Affairs facilities in Phoenix documented suffering by sick veterans affected by cover-ups of wait-list delays but did not find evidence that the shoddy care had caused patient deaths.

NYC police union blasts mayor, urges Democrats to snub convention bid
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A New York City police union leader on Tuesday castigated Mayor Bill de Blasio and his bid to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention, saying the city was losing ground in the fight against crime since he took office in January.

Florida primary vote sets stage for big governor\'s race
TAMPA Fla. (Reuters) - Florida voters wrapped up a light day of voting on Tuesday in a primary election that will finalize the ballot for one of the nation's most expensive and competitive governor's races.

Obama tells veterans better mental health care on the way
CHARLOTTE N.C. (Reuters) - President Barack Obama sought to make amends with veterans on Tuesday, announcing steps to expand their access to mental health care and an initiative with financial companies to lower home loan costs for military families.


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New York Times Politics

Capital Field Notes: The Word on Obamacare, as Measured by Congressional News Releases
The Affordable Care Act seems to be be losing its potency as a political issue as lawmakers have found other concerns to raise with constituents.
Spy vs.Spy: Uber?s Secret Agents: When Poaching Becomes Unethical
How the smartphone-based car service tried to lure drivers from its main competitor.
Arizona Treasurer Wins G.O.P. Primary for Governor
Doug Ducey, who is also the former chief executive of an international chain of ice cream parlors, defeated five opponents in the Republican contest.
Rubio Warns Obama Against Executive Action on Immigration
The Florida senator, who once championed an overhaul supporting people who are in the U.S. illegally, told the president not to interfere with deportations.
American Fighting for ISIS Is Killed in Syria
Douglas McAuthur McCain?s death is an early clue for American officials as they try to identify the Americans who have joined ISIS.
Obama Pursuing Climate Accord in Lieu of Treaty
To sidestep Senate approval, President Obama?s negotiators are devising what they call a ?politically binding? deal to ?name and shame? countries into cutting their emissions.
U.S. Mobilizes Allies to Widen Assault on ISIS
President Obama is nearing a decision to authorize airstrikes and airdrops around Amerli, an Iraqi town that has been under siege by militants for more than two months.
Easy Primary Wins for Charlie Crist and Rick Scott in Florida
Gov. Rick Scott of Florida, a Republican, and former Gov. Charlie Crist, a Democrat, easily defeated their opponents in their primaries.
Former Virginia Governor Sorry for Accepting Gifts, but Defends Loan Deals
The prosecutor and Bob McDonnell, the former governor, had heated exchanges about a loan proposed to Mr. McDonnell at a highly favorable rate by the businessman Jonnie R. Williams Sr.
Judges Take Tough Tone at Gay Marriage Hearing
Federal appeals judges heard arguments defending bans on same-sex marriage in Indiana and Wisconsin comparing them to laws that once barred mixed-race marriages.

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Christian Science Monitor

Obama to people of Ferguson: Let\'s seek to heal each other (+video)
Attorney General Eric Holder will go to Ferguson, Mo., Wednesday, President Obama said. He urged the public not to pre-judge the incident that led to Michael Brown's death.
Iraq humanitarian crisis eases, and US doves line up against \'new Iraq war\'
Antiwar politicians and activists who largely stood by Obama when he ordered limited strikes to avert a 'potential genocide' are sounding alarms over what they see as his military reengagement in Iraq.
Why billionaire\'s low tax rate isn\'t a big deal in Illinois governor\'s race (+video)
The billionaire Republican challenger and the Democratic governor are trading accusations over tax shelters. But myriad budget crises in Illinois are making that usually potent issue seem less significant.
Study says Obama\'s worst Keystone XL fears could come true
A new study suggests that the Keystone XL pipeline could significantly increase carbon dioxide emissions. President Obama says he won't approve the pipeline if it feeds climate change. But the study's calculations are up for dispute.
Paul Ryan: US competitiveness hindered by Obama environmental regulations
The Obama administration's regulations aimed at combating climate change are an excuse to expand government and raise taxes, Rep. Paul Ryan (R) said at a Monitor Breakfast.
General McChrystal: Does endorsement signal he may get into politics, too?
Retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal, forced to step down after published remarks critical of the president, endorsed former Marine Seth Moulton for a US House race ? prompting speculation that he's open to run himself.

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Drudge Report


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Medieval Cardiff Castle Re-Enforced Amidst ISIS Threat To NATO Summit

High Street Chain Zara Apologise over \'Holocaust\' Children\'s Wear

Scottish Island Runs Out of Water After Too Many Residents Do Ice Bucket Challenge

Nigel Farage Formally Selected In South Thanet For 2015

Ban ISIS Symbols: Austrian Minister

Muslim Gang Rapists are Springing Up Everywhere. Why Can\'t We Be Honest About It?

Rotherham: 1400 Children Groomed, Drugged and Raped by Multiculturalism

Thousands Attend \'Prayer Service\' for Critically Wounded San Bernardino Police Officer

Hunter: Obama Fiddles While Marine Sits In Mexican Jail Cell

The NRSC\'s Remarkable Immigration Statement

First State to Implement Common Core Accuses Sec. Arne Duncan of Violating the Law

Ben Carson on Struggles of Black Community: \'It\'s Not a Racial Thing, It\'s a Social Thing\'

IRS Ethics Lawyer Accused of Embezzlement, Might Lose Law License

Gang of Black Men Attack White Man in Mississippi, Leaving Him Brain Damaged

Steyn: \'Prissy, Preening\' Obama Is the \'JV Player\'

San Diego Man Killed Fighting for ISIS in Syria

Iraq vet in Mississippi left in medically-induced coma due to severe Narrative violation

Taiwan Scrambles Jets After Chinese Aircraft Enter Airspace

Total cost of TrainWreck.gov ObamaCare website: $1.7 billion

Former HHS Cybersecurity Chief Convicted on Child Porn Charges



Iowa: Obama Job Approval - Disapprove 53%, Approve 40% (Public Policy Polling 8/22-8/24)

Obama Job Approval - Disapprove 51%, Approve 42% (Gallup 8/23-8/25)

2014 Alaska Governor - Parnell 47%, Mallott 36% (Rasmussen Reports 8/20-8/21)

2014 National House Race - Democrat 47%, Republican 42% (Pew 8/20-8/24)

2014 Georgia Governor - Carter 44%, Deal 40% (Landmark Communications 8/20-8/21)

Obama Job Approval - Disapprove 53%, Approve 45% (Rasmussen Reports 8/23-8/25)

2014 New Hampshire CD-02 - Kuster 41%, Lambert 35% (UNH/WMUR 8/7-8/17)

2014 New Hampshire CD-01 - Guinta 45%, Shea-Porter 41% (UNH/WMUR 8/7-8/17)

2014 Minnesota Governor - Dayton 49%, Johnson 40% (SurveyUSA/KSTP-TV 8/19-8/21)

2014 National House Race - Republican 40%, Democrat 39% (Rasmussen Reports 8/18-8/24)

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Rasmussen Reports

29% Consumers Say U.S. Economy Improving

66% Think Most Christians Treated Unfairly in Muslim World

51% Expect Higher Interest Rates in a Year

Alaska Governor: Parnell (R) 47%, Mallott (D) 36%

44% Blame U.S. Policies for Worsening Relations with Islamic World

A Decent Lawyer Should Tell Liberals They\'re Damned Fools and Ought to Stop By Michael Barone

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

What About That VA Hospital Scandal? by Froma Harrop

Voters Want Lots of Spending Cuts But Think They\'re Unlikely

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 40%, Democrats 39%


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Special Report with Bret Baier

Thanks for the shout out!

Up In Flames: British Embassy Apologizes for Tweet

Ebola Fears Continue

Special Report Guest: Karwan Zebari

GOP wins come at a price

Sexual Assault?Can surveys solve the campus issue?

Renewal of Highway Trust Fund in peril

Talking Points Memo

Romney-Backed AZ House Candidate Leads In Too Close To Call Primary

WATCH: The Jon Stewart Ferguson Segment You\'ve Been Waiting For

North Korea Brands US \'Graveyard Of Human Rights\' Over Ferguson

Authorities: Man Who Shot 7 Around Los Angeles Is \'Serial Killer\'

There Is Little Hope For A \'Republican Wave\' In Guv Races

U.K. Press Think They\'ve ID\'ed James Foley\'s Killer: A British Rapper

Rick Perry: State Should Have Paid My Legal Fees

Romney: I\'m Not Running In 2016, But \'Circumstances Can Change\'

House GOPer: Impeachment Could Keep Party From Winning Senate

Indiana Mayor Jailed By Judge Peeved Over Drainage Pipes


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4 pathetically stupid campaign ads: Karl Rove?s cynicism, Ebola panic, and firing guns at TVs!

The truth about extraterrestrials: Will we ever discover intelligent life in the universe?

Good morning, Time Warner customers: Internet?s down!

?Principles be damned?: How campaign finance reform just got crushed in a liberal state

Marco Rubio?s existential flip-flop: Why he demonized Dreamers to win over South Carolina conservatives

It?s not just the South and Fox News: Liberals have a white privilege problem too

Mitch McConnell?s secret Father?s Day gift to the Koch brothers

?Life of Crime?: Jennifer Aniston stars in a black-comic Labor Day surprise

?I wanted to spread my legs and cause controversy?: The long, sordid history of porn in holy places

Jonathan Franzen interviews Daniel Kehlmann: ?Germans and humor: It?s a complex problem! Detecting humor is not our strong side?

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Mother Jones

40 Percent of Restaurant Workers Live in Near-Poverty

Scott Brown Sure Posts a Lot of Photos of Himself Working Out

Think You Can Solve the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict? Play This Game.

10 Hours in Ferguson: A Visual Timeline of Michael Brown\'s Death and Its Aftermath

Michael Brown\'s Mom Laid Flowers Where He Was Shot?and Police Crushed Them

Why We\'re In A Golden Age of Global Investigative Journalism

Obama\'s Iraq Policy Has Been Pretty Masterly

Is Europe\'s Central Bank Finally Getting Worried About Deflation?

Wyoming Is Thinking About Accepting Medicaid Expansion After All

Ukraine Claims it Has Captured Russian Soldiers


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Daily Kos

Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9am ET!

Cheers and Jeers: Wednesday

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Pretty robust foreign policy for a guy playing golf

Open thread for night owls: S&P passes stock-market milestone, but who cares?

Daily Kos Elections Arizona, Florida, and Oklahoma primary liveblog #6

Daily Kos Elections Arizona, Florida, and Oklahoma primary liveblog #5

Daily Kos Elections Arizona, Florida, and Oklahoma primary liveblog #4

Economics Daily Digest: Corporations shouldn\'t get a free pass on tax-dodging

Daily Kos Elections: Arizona, Florida, and Oklahoma primary liveblog #3

Daily Kos Elections ad roundup: Pryor fans Ebola fears, accusing Cotton of opposing preparedness

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Huffington Post

Afghan Candidate Pulls Out Of Election Audit, Threatening Crisis

Jon Stewart\'s Priceless Response To Fox News On Ferguson

North Korea Calls U.S. \'Graveyard Of Human Rights\' Over Ferguson

UN Panel: Crimes Against Humanity Spread In Syria, Including Possible Gas Attack

James Foley\'s Murder Highlights The Risks Freelance Journalists Take

House Republicans Are Trying To Make Money Laundering A Lot Easier

The Real Reasons Many White People Can\'t Empathize With Ferguson, Racial Disparities, or Black Suffering

Dirty Denier$ Day 18: Congressman Ed Whitfield

At Koch Retreat, Top GOP Senate Candidates Credited Koch Network For Their Rise

Ruben Gallego Wins Democratic Nomination To Represent Arizona In The U.S. House

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39,000 Hawai?i MoveOn Members Help Keep Social Security Expansion Champion Brian Schatz in the Senate

8 things to know about the Iraq crisis

MoveOn Reacts to Hillary Clinton\'s Comments

We\'re going into overtime in Hawai\'i

MoveOn Statement on Iraq Airstrikes, Humanitarian Aid

Obama breaks his silence on saving the Internet

MoveOn raises $100,000 to support refugee children

MoveOn Members Mobilize to Stop the #GOPlawsuit

Netroots to Obama: Don\'t Kill the Internet

Activists greet President Obama in Silicon Valley urging action to save the Internet

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Weekly Standard

Feds to Educate Entertainment Media on \'Appropriate Terminology\' for Mental/Substance Use Disorders

GOP Establishment Senses Opportunity in New Jersey

Happy Hour Links: Correcting Course

Do Americans Dislike Obamacare More Than Obama Likes Golf?

Jump the Shark Moment for Pryor Campaign


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The Blaze

?It?s Sick?: Scarborough Unleashes Over the Second Amendment and the Founding Fathers After Child Accidentally Kills Shooting Instructor

Internet Out? That?s Because Major Provider Experienced Issue During Routine Maintenance

Israeli Army Officer Wounded by Fire From Syria

Watch the Sun Set on Iconic Landmarks in a Single ?Time Sliced? Photo

Clothing Retailer Yanks Shirt That Resembles Holocaust Prison Uniform

Southern California Prepares for Possible Flooding as Big Waves Brought on by Hurricane Marie Brew

Tim Tebow?s Surprise for Teen With Life-Threatening Illness ?Made Her Dreams Come True?

Chilling Footage Shows the Seconds Before 9-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Killed Shooting Instructor With Uzi

These Mind-Bending Anamorphic Pieces of Art Are Only Visible With a Mirror Cylinder

New York Times: Obama Working to Sidestep Congress, Commit to Sweeping International Agreement Sure to Come Under Fire From GOP

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The Slate Doctor Who Podcast: Episode 1 

I Was the Worst High School Quarterback Ever

Get Smashed

Syllabus Tyrannus 

Why Would Anyone Watch Twitch?

Puppies Don?t Win Pulitzers

The Horror II: The Return of Appalachian State


Why Did Obama Say So Little About Ferguson?

Iceberg, Ahoy!


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Media Matters

O\'Reilly Renews Debate With Megyn Kelly And Calls White Privilege A Lie

O\'Reilly: Welfare Culture, White Condescension, Gangster Rappers, And Beyoncť Have Harmed Blacks

Fox Deceptively Edits Obama Speech To Accuse Him Of "Blaming Our Troops" For IS Threat

Fox Host Requests Putin Be US President For 48 Hours To Deal With Islamic State

Fox Reporter Invents Flip-Flop To Suggest Obama Forced Military To Downplay Islamic State Threat

Flip-Flop Of Town That Promised Inclusivity Trips Up Right-Wing Media\'s Legislative Prayer Argument

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