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The Trauma of T. E. Lawrence
Slate has partnered with Brooklyn Brewery and RISC to bring its hit war correspondent interview series to our readers. In this second installment, Steve Hindy, founder of Brooklyn Brewery and a former Associated Press foreign correspondent, sits down with Scott Anderson, veteran war correspondent and author of the book, Lawrence in Arabia: War, Deceit, Imperial Folly and the Making of the Modern Middle East.?
The first living thing we see in Luc Besson?s Lucy (not counting a close-up of primordial dividing cells) is the original Lucy, the female Australopithecus afarensis whose skeleton constitutes one of the oldest and most complete specimens of humanity?s first ancestors. She?s drinking by a brook in a fern-covered primeval forest?and then suddenly we?re in modern-day Taipei, watching the 21st-century version of Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) argue with her skanky boyfriend. (He wants her to carry a briefcase whose contents he won?t disclose into a meeting with a Korean gangster, which to me is always a relationship red flag.)
The Best Way to Light a Charcoal Grill
Of all cooking methods, grilling is the one we imbue with the most symbolic meaning. Cooking with fire, as one Slate writer put it, can represent ?some cosmic connection to our Neanderthal ancestors, some flicker of rebellion against the technological world.? And yet, in spite of the significance we ascribe to it, most Americans grill infrequently. The 86 percent of Americans who own a grill use it about once a month, on average?not often enough to develop real expertise. And then there are the apartment-dwellers, the mosquito-averse, and the hot dog?apathetic who would just as soon heat up dinner on the stove. (I count myself a member of all these groups.)
?A Shocking Sabbath Carnival of Death?
Excerpted from In the Kingdom of Ice: The Grand and Terrible Polar Voyage of the USS Jeannette by Hampton Sides, out Aug. 5 from Doubleday.
Debbie Reynolds and Me
Debbie Reynolds and I have had a series of strange coincidences. The legendary entertainer, now 82, has been giving advice professionally since 2010, when she took over the advice column of the tabloid the Globe from Ivana Trump. A few months ago a reader sent me an email alerting me that ?Dear Debbie? was running letters that strongly resembled letters from the Dear Prudence archive and wondered if anyone else had noticed. I hear from multiple readers on the occasions that a letter I run in Dear Prudence also appears in, say, ?Ask Amy? or ?Miss Manners,? but those duplicates always appear virtually simultaneously, the result of an advice-seeker submitting to multiple columns. The letters Reynolds answered were echoes of letters I?d responded to months, sometimes years ago. It?s possible the sleuth who contacted me, a librarian mortified for anyone to find out she buys the tabloids, is the only reader of both Dear Prudence and Dear Debbie. (I once wrote a Slate column called Keeping Tabs in which I summarized the news in the tabloid weeklies. But I?d weaned myself of the tabloid habit years ago.)
Say No to Kindle Unlimited
This article originally appeared in Inside Higher Ed.
Does This Make Me Sound Insecure?
Insecurity, like blood, will out. It makes us feel so vulnerable and exposed that we eventually expose ourselves and become vulnerable. Like a scarlet sock in the load of white wash, insecurity has the irksome power to stain our speech and writing, interfering with the immaculate poise we?d like to project.
Apple?s iPad Problem
The numbers are clear: Apple is selling fewer iPads.
Should Clothing Ever Be Optional?
Listen to Episode 55 of Slate?s The Gist:
Dear Prudence Live Chat
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